Feedback From Humans

it was so nice to receive feedback from Human Cornwall about the hard and dedicated work of our teams on their clients properties. We thank them for their support and look forward to continuing our hard work with them into the future

“Introducing Better By Miles Cleaning Solutions Ltd, a family-owned business with core values of personalised and compassionate services.

Founded by Miles Penellum, a 15-year veteran in the industry, they provide tailored cleaning solutions backed by a hardworking team. Their focus is on business growth, offering specialised services and training while prioritising client satisfaction.

The company takes great pride in their recent achievement of receiving the Disability Confident Award, which recognises their commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in their operations. Additionally, they are honored to partner with the Enya Odyssey Charity, a charitable organisation dedicated to supporting children and families in the South West affected by leukemia. More information about their impactful work can be found at

Better By Miles Cleaning Solutions is unwavering in their dedication to collaborating with their valued clients to deliver the highest level of service. They strive to create a cleaner and healthier environment for all, working hand in hand with Humans Cornwall to meet the unique needs of their clientele.”

humans thank you

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